Engineering Design Process TEKS

The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is a way of thinking that helps us learn and apply different concepts and skills together. It encourages us to solve problems creatively and learn from our mistakes. When we use the EDP, we bring ideas from different subjects and use design thinking to come up with a solution for a real problem. There are many models of the engineering design process, but they all have some key steps in common. 

These steps include:

Engineering Design Process 2021 New Science TEKS

Define the problem: 

Do research: 

Generate ideas: 

Choose the best solution: 

Create a plan: 

Build and test: 

Evaluate and refine (iterate): 

Communicate and share: 

Throughout this process, engineers consider the advantages and limitations of their designs. They also use a cost-benefit analysis to make sure their design meets the requirements while staying within a budget.

Download the poster:

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Scientific Investigations

Scientific Method

Scientific Phenomena

Collect, organize, and analyze data

Analyze, evaluate, and critique scientific explanations

Models in Science and Engineering 

Engineering Design Process