Matter and energy. The student understands that matter can be classified according to its properties and matter is conserved in chemical changes that occur within closed systems.


The student is expected to explain by modeling how matter is classified as elements, compounds, homogeneous mixtures, or heterogeneous mixtures. 

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A pure substance made up of a single type of atom


A pure substance made up of two or more types of atoms that are joined together

Homogeneous Mixture

A combination of components that are evenly distributed throughout the mixture and have a uniform composition and appearance. Also known as a solution. (The prefix 'homo' means the same.)

Heterogeneous Mixture

A combination of two or more substances that are physically distinct from one another.

(The prefix 'hetero' means different.)

Vertical TEKS Alignment 

Matter and Energy - Types of Mixtures

4.6.B investigate and compare a variety of mixtures, including solutions that are composed of liquids in liquids and solids in liquids; and

4.6.C demonstrate that matter is conserved when mixtures such as soil and water or oil and water are formed.

5.6.B demonstrate and explain that some mixtures maintain physical properties of their substances such as iron filings and sand or sand and water;

5.6.C compare the properties of substances before and after they are combined into a solution and demonstrate that matter is conserved in solutions; and

6.6.B investigate the physical properties of matter to distinguish between pure substances, homogeneous mixtures (solutions), and heterogeneous mixtures;

7.6.A compare and contrast elements and compounds in terms of atoms and molecules, chemical symbols, and chemical formulas

7.6.D describe aqueous solutions in terms of solute and solvent, concentration, and dilution; and

7.6.E investigate and model how temperature, surface area, and agitation affect the rate of dissolution of solid solutes in aqueous solutions.

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