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ScienceTEKS.com helps Texans to master the revised science standards by providing a massive collection of free resources for teachers and students covering the newly revised and adopted 2021 Science TEKS for the state of Texas.  These new TEKS will be implemented in the 2024-25 school year!

These free Science TEKS resources are being developed by a nationally award-winning content developer and state science expert and trainer who has also helped develop resources for other organizations and companies that reach millions of students and teachers every year. 

ScienceTEKS.com utilizes a full dissection of each Student Expectation (SE), short entertaining and informative videos,  detailed informational text, engaging text filled with content vocabulary, vertical alignment of every SE, embedded simulations, and more! We easily explain all the Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEP) and all the Recurring Themes and Concepts (RTC).

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